Wake Up, America. The Slumber Party Wants You to Sleep

—the following ad ran in the last issue of Footprints. The publisher of the conservative Christian magazine was unable to determine who placed the ad and when and where in the production process it became a part of the issue. The issue was only scheduled for 80 pages, but at some point in time, an extra four pages were added. Three featured images of a comic strip for Dr. Souls Quick Healing Shoe Inserts in which Jesus and his disciples sought a cure for their aching feet. The fourth did not. It was never mentioned in the thousands of cancellation letters that were sent to the Footprints customer service department.

Attention Americans

You are in a most dangerous sleep, a slumber of denial, a denial of the effects that a lack of sleep is having on your physical, mental, and emotional health. Your life has become a nightmare.

According to recent study released by the Somnambulism Institute, the number of Americans who are sleep-deprived is growing at an alarmingly accelerated rate.

The Facts:

  • 88 percent of Americans sleep less than the recommended eight (8) hours a night.
  • 31 percent of Americans sleep less than six hours.
  • Extended periods of sleep-deprivation can cause depression, a loss of sex drive, and hallucinations.

The Culprit: Over the past decade, Americans have reported that they spend increasingly more and more hours at the workplace, with over half of those in full-time positions reporting they work 55 or more hours a week. Adding to this problem is the decrease in the number of days of vacation time Americans take each year.

According to a recent study conducted by the Somnambulism Institute, most Americans do not want to work at the expense of their health, their safety, their families, their sex lives, and their sanity. However, these same Americans are unable to do so as a result of a recently documented condition known as Sleep Guilt, a condition which, according to the Somnambulism Institute, affects a startling 43.74 percent of Americans.

It is the mission of the Slumber Party to awaken the American worker from this dangerous slumber, by:

  • Informing Americans about the dangers of sleep-deprivation
  • Urging American-owned corporations to voluntarily adopt daily company-sanctioned two-hour “siestas” for their workers
  • Lobbying elected officials about the need to pass pro-siesta legislation for all state and federal employees, with the hope that the private sector will follow the precedent set by government
  • Sponsoring Slumber Party candidates in local, state, and national elections in the hopes of passing pro-nap legislation

By supporting the Slumber Party at the local, state, or national level, you will be supporting the only political party which has your physical, mental, and emotional health as its single, driving focus.

Wake Up, America. The Slumber Party Wants You to Sleep