The Future Abortionists of America

From:  Henrietta Little <>


Date: March 22, 20** 3:26:08 PM EDT

To:  Undisclosed

My Fellow Believers,

My son recently received this horrifying letter, the contents of which sent a chill up my spine. As a Bible-believing American, I am shocked at the extent Satan’s servants will go to ensnare the souls of our children. The news of this scholarship program needs to be distributed to congregations across the state. Through prayer and unwavering faith, I’m confident that the Lord will guide us in our efforts to stop to this unholy madness.

In Christ’s Name,

Henrietta Little

P.S.  I had to type the message out, although I still have a copy of the original letter. For me, just sending an e-mail was difficult enough, so scanning in a PD-whatever-it-is-called is beyond me. My kids say I need to get with the times and learn how to use a scanner, but you know the old saying, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.




Wyatt Duvall

President and CEO

Wyatt Duvall Live Savers Scholarship


The Future Abortionists of America (FAA) recently announced the creation of the Wyatt Duvall Life Savers Scholarship, which will reward over $1.5 million in scholarships to high school students in the Boston metropolitan area who are interested in pursuing a career in the science of embryo extraction. Only current seniors are eligible for this scholarship. The scholarships will be awarded to high school students throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, and America Samoa.

“The Wyatt Duvall Life Savers Scholarship campaign is our way of contributing to the future prosperity of this great nation,” says Wyatt Duvall, chairman of the FAA. “By helping high school students in their quest for a quality education, we hope to ensure that future abortionists across the nation will be the most skilled and qualified professionals in the world. The safety of our wives, sisters, and daughters are at stake.”

Adds Duvall, “By working to ensure the safety of our loved ones, the Future Abortionists of America are showing the rest of the country, and the rest of the world, what it truly means to be pro-life.”

Students interested in being a part of this new and exciting program can contact Wyatt Duvall at to receive an information packet.