It’s time to take a bite out of the 1%

How many bootstrap Republicans are just trust-fund welfare children spending daddy’s money?
How many successful businessmen and -women are successful because their families long ago made their money off the blood, sweat, and tears of the working class and the enslaved?
How many self-help gurus are self-made charlatans selling you a copy of their latest book containing stolen anecdotes and scientifically untested strategies for succeeding in business?
Don’t fall for their lies. Rise up and make them fall for your lives.
This lamb is your lamb. Become the wolf in sheep’s clothing. Join the Slumber Party today.
We are the Wool.


Hustling is not a virtue.

Hustling is not a virtue. You don’t deserve a gold star. You don’t deserve a non-threatening, consensual pat on the back.

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Hustling is a sign that you are being abused by those who pay you for your services. It’s a sign they don’t value your work or, more importantly, you.

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Wake up, America. The Slumber Party wants you to sleep.

Educate yourself today. Read about the Triumphant History of the Slumber Flower, the symbol of resistance for countless textile workers.