Flash nap shuts down tourist market

By Jenny Hills

(Knight-Rider) Charleston, S.C. – Bev and Ben Sharpe braved a blizzard, flight cancellations, and an appendectomy to make it to Charleston for a much-needed winter vacation. But they were ill prepared for their biggest obstacle yet: a flash nap in the middle of the town’s bustling City Market.

“The Market was packed. People were all around us. Ben had just bought an old slave auction poster and a Confederate flag shot glass, you know, to put in his man cave. And all of a sudden, everyone just fell to the ground,” Bev says. “I thought it was a terrorist attack.”

Ben chimes in, “Like in Japan. Sarin gas.”

“Yes, that’s what I thought,” Bev says, reaching for her husband’s hand. “And then I dropped Ben’s bag and the shot glass broke.”

Ben interrupts, “And the lady wouldn’t take it back.” His face is beat red.

Bev squeezes his hand and says, “The whole thing just scared the daylights out of us.”

As it turns out, the Sharpes had nothing to fear. In fact, the entire scene was part of a stunt orchestrated by the Slumber Party, a group founded by prankster and author Wyatt Duvall.

With Duvall at the helm, the Slumber Party tried to convince legislative bodies around the nation to pass so-called Nap Laws, bills that would allow state employees to take paid two-hour naps during the workday. Their efforts were in vain.

An estimated 25 members of the Slumber Party and an additional 32 social media friends participated in the flash nap.